Protection and promotion of the health of the children accommodated in the home


    • The home has made arrangements and has a sick wing where a nurse and pharmaceutical technologists examine minor illness and prescribe drugs. In case of complicated cases or operations or outbreaks, the children will go to Malindi General Hospital and Tawfiq Hospital. The children shall each have a dental checkup two times a year but in case of any problem with the teeth they will be taken to a dentist.

    • In case any child needs psychological and psychiatric advice the home shall consult the health department in relation to the child’s health condition.
      Each child will be provided with individual support, aids like toothbrush and toothpaste and equipment as the child may require as a result of any particular health or special needs he may have.

    • Each child will be provided with such individual support and advice on health and personal care issues appropriate to his needs and wishes and the female children will be provide with appropriate and adequate sanitary towels and advice on how to use.


    • The guardian will inform the home if the child has any health problem. The home shall undertake the responsibility of taking care of the child by taking him to the hospital or immunizations. If the disease is incurable lie HIV/AIDS the home will take the precautions by taking care of him by counseling, no discrimination and incase of any illness take him to the General Hospital. The home shall look for a registered nurse or general practitioner or clinical officer or part timer nurse to check on the children’s health always.


    • In case of religion or taboo or doctor’s permission or advice on some food, the home shall provide the medicine and correct food diet for the sake of the child or religion of the child. The home shall monitor the growth of the children regularly. In case of vaccinations, the children will be vaccinated.


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