Our Objectives


    • Continue to renovate and maintain the Children’s home that will guarantee proper child care and provision of all basic needs to children.
    • Unification and reconciliation of the children, who are needy either through separations of parents or divorce, start income generating activities for the guardians to settle with the children.
    • Children’s rights awareness and practice
    • Provision of all basics rights for the children.
    • Provide education for all the children despite the age range.
    • Promotion on gender sensitizing on the girl child education.
    • Training of staffs to attain better performances in their duties and also to be knowledgeable on how to handle the children in a better way.



    Aims of The Children's Home


      • To guide and help the children gain a quality life and best moral standards
      • To update the AAC about the children’s development
      • To work as at team with the children’s department and relevant government departments
      • To guide the children spiritually, emotionally, socially and economically.



      Day to day basic, welfare safeguard and promoted by the home


      • The home will give the child a quality future with the available resources and also skills to keep him adjusted to future that is coming
      • The child will be provided with holistic care and all the basic needs of the child.
      • The home will enable the child to know and practice his rights and maintain them and urge him to pass it on his future society.
      • The home shall help the child to lead a life of good moral standards as the home promotes good foundation on christen grounds.
      • The child will be cared for by providing him with his basic needs and his necessities according to his age.
      • The home will also remind the child to depend on God every day and always.
      • The home will employ staff that will be role models to take care of the children always
      • The home shall give the children the necessary equipment to keep him happy and ready to face the future with a full package.

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