Promotion of education of the children accommodated in the home including facilities of private study

The home shall promote the educational attainment of children accommodated in the children’s home. The children shall have educational facilities appropriate to their age, aptitude, needs and interests and potential. The routine of the home is organized so as to further children’s participation in education, including private study and effective links maintained with the other children’s home and school or youth groups and churches attended by children accommodated in the institution.
The home shall promote extra-curricular activities and ensure that children accommodated in the home. Where the child in the home has attained the age where he is no longer required to receive compulsory full-time education, the administering authority shall assist with the making of, and 
give effect to, arrangement made for his education, training and employment with due regard to the child’s views. The home shall follow the views of the child in relation to the career of his ambition.



    • The home shall provide free education to the nursery school going children despite the age fraction until all the children learn the basics before going to the primary school. After primary school the home shall take the children to the relevant school in relation to their grades in school after primary examinations. In this case, they shall either go to secondary school or technical schools.


    • The home shall monitor the child’s progress for six months or one year according to the report of the teacher/ matron/ doctor/ relative and finally the manager’s final report about the child’s progress. The report will give the clear picture whether the grown up child cannot stand on his own feet and walk in the waiting future after the completion of their education and courses. They shall not discharge a child unless they have attained enough skills to go back to the society.


    • For the education in the secondary school, upon completion the home shall still get the child’s views about his ambition and career choice. The home respecting the views of the children and promoting their ideas will either take the child to a college/ university depending on his performance.


    • In case the child has guardians that can be responsible once supported; the home shall negotiate a good income generating activity with the relevant guardian and conclude on the best project to sustain the wellbeing of the child. This will only take place in case the child has attained more than 20 years of age. Afterwards with the help of the social worker, the home will monitor the upkeep of the said child in relation to his stay with the guardian.



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